Activities of Daily Living

This project stemmed from a conversation regarding
choice, freewill, and uncomfortable situations.
All music was written and recorded by
Taylor Delph.
Special thanks to Terri Wilkerson for her creative input and guidance.
Shooting took place in Seattle, WA, utilizing a Canon t2i and Canon 50mm f1.8 lens.

We would very much like to thank all of the actors involved in this project.
Their kindness, input, talent, and seemingly endless patience
was absolutely inspiring.

Thank you so much for taking the time to view our short film.

PALMER CHASE: Alex (the boyfriend) [website]
JESSICA GONSER: Cecily (the girlfriend)
QUEEN UNIVERSIAL: Liv (the friend)

Written and directed by: Taylor Delph & Matthew Wojciechowski

JULIE ERICSON: Ree (the wife/victim) [website]
MICAH HEFLEN: Michael (the husband) [website]
SCOTT ALAN: Attacker

Written by: Taylor Delph & Mathew Wojciechowski
Directed by Terri Wilkerson, Taylor Delph, & Mathew Wojciechowski

LOGAN JOHNSON: Blake (the missionary that moves on)
JON GRANDSTAFF: Cody (the missionary that stays)

Written and directed by: Taylor Delph & Mathew Wojciechowski

NewDctonary Vimeo